Presaturated Cleanroom Wipes

Presaturated Cleanroom Wipes
Our innovative presaturated cleanroom wipes are available with a variety of solvents and saturation levels. We also offer customized presaturated wiping solutions designed to meet your exact requirements. Dry wipes can only remove a limited amount of contamination. Isopropyl alcohol, which is a popular solvent in our presaturated cleanroom wipes, is a very effective cleaning solvent for many applications because it can remove a wider range of contamination. Therefore a presaturated wipe enhances the effectiveness of cleaning. Furthermore, the alcohol evaporates quickly, aiding in improved process or production times.

  • 70% IPA is filtered to 0.22μ
  • Reduce the  use of squirt bottles and dipping cans which wastes and sends Isopropyl alcohol into the air
  • Reduce the amount of isopropyl alcohol used
  • More even distribution of alcohol on the wipe and hence the wiping process
  • Fewer VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the air in a closed area
  • Safer to use than flammable liquids
  • Safer to ship than flammable liquids
  • Safer to store than flammable liquids
  • Convenience, no pouring, spraying, filtering, or diluting
  • Can be used in or out of a cleanroom

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