Cleanroom Wipe Dispenser Grab-EEZ

Grab-EEZ Cleanroom Wipe Dispenser

  • ESD Safe
  • ISO Class 5 (Class 100) Compatible
  • Eliminates wasteful wipe usage and cross-contamination

Product Description

Grab-EEZ Cleanroom Wipe Dispenser by High-Tech Conversions. The Grab-EEZ hit the market after a large number of requests were made for a cleanroom safe wipe dispenser. The GRAB-EEZ was developed to solve a variety of challenges faced by cleanroom wipe users. There is a substantial amount of waste that occurs in clean environments, and the GRAB-EEZ is designed to cut back on that in terms of wipe use.

The GRAB-EEZ was designed with simplicity being a top priority. Typically, cleanroom wipes are supplied in flat sheets and placed on a table or in trays within a cleanroom. Because the facility personnel is required to wear gloves, it is very difficult to select one wipe at a time. Consequently, sometimes three or more wipes are selected – resulting in wasteful use. The unique double C-folded cleanroom wipes, also manufactured by High-Tech Conversions are stacked inside the unit, protected from the environment until use. Each dispenser is prepared and cleaned in a cleanroom and double bagged before it is first introduced into the cleanroom where it will be used.

The GRAB-EEZ Cleanroom Wipe Dispenser is 100% cleanroom safe, constructed from the highest grade ESD safe plastics – suitable for use in ISO Class 5 (Class 100) cleanrooms and higher.

GRAB-EEZ Features:

• Eliminates Waste-No Loss Of Wipes!
• Approx. 3X Less Expensive!
• No Cross Contamination
• User Friendly
• Easier To Use with Gloved Hands
• ESD Plastic Construction
• Conforms To Good Housekeeping Practices
• Attractive and Convenient Dispenser
• Counter Top or Wall Mountable
• Protected From Environment
• 7”X12” is Larger Than Conventional 9”X9” Size
• Unique Double C-Folded Design
• Extremely Low in Particles
• Extremely Low in Chemical Extractables
• ISO Class 5 (Class 100) and Higher Compatible

Item: GE-DISP – Grab-EEZ Wipe Dispenser
Sold individually

Item: GE-NT1-712 – Grab-EEZ Wipe Refills
Description: Non-woven poly-cellulose cleanroom wipes, 7″ x 12″. 200 wipes/bag, 12 bags/case (2,400 wipes/case).

Additional Information

Wipe Material

Poly / Cellulose Blend

Cleanroom Class

ISO 5 (Class 100), ISO 6 (Class 1000)