Converting & Contract Manufacturing

In addition to our standard product line, we offer custom Converting
& Manufacturing possibilities for virtually any application.

Consumables for Cleanroom and Industrial Settings

We manufacture consumable items including Wipes, Tacky Traxx Mats, Gloves,
& more for a variety of controlled environments and industrial settings.

Eco Friendly Dry and Presaturated Wipes

Products that feature environmental sustainability without
compromising quality. Highlighting our friendly green line of wipes.

Green Monster Stencil Wiping Rolls

We manufacture a complete line of innovative Understencil
Wiping Rolls for the PCB & Semiconductor Industries.
About HTC

We are a global manufacturer of innovative cleanroom supplies and industrial wiping products. Our cleanroom supplies range from lint-free wipes and cleanroom gloves to disposable cleanroom garments to SMT cleaning rolls. Our focus is on providing high quality products that have been designed and manufactured to serve the exacting needs of our customers. Our company is continuously expanding and diversifying to meet the specifications for cleanroom supplies across a number of industries.Read More

We are proud to offer a generous mix of inventoried cleanroom products, including cleanroom wipes, cloth wipers, cleanroom nitrile gloves, and a variety of other cleanroom consumables. Our line of Friendly Green environmentally friendly presaturated cleanroom wipes are a wonderful option for the eco-conscious business!

High-Tech Conversions understands that each manufacturing operation has its own standards for cleaning and contamination prevention products. To ensure that your specific needs are met, we can produce custom wipes, stencil rolls, gloves, garments, Tacky Traxx Mats, and a number other custom cleaning products.

With manufacturing facilities in the USA and China, we have the capacity and resources to handle custom converting & contract manufacturing orders using just about any fabric selection and a number of finishing options. High-Tech Conversions is proficient in converting and manufacturing products of non-woven materials, knits, wovens, paper and plastic film.

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HP Latex Printer 300 Series – 310, 330, 360 HP Latex Printer

What’s New: Cobalt Blue Sterile Wipes

sterile-cleanroom-wipesWe are pleased to announce the release of Cobalt Blue Sterile Wipes, a completely new line of validated sterile cleanroom wipes. The wipes are offered in dry and pre-saturated options in a variety of sizes and materials. Cobalt Blue Sterile Wipes were designed for aseptic cleanrooms and other applications where sterile compounding is performed.

Wipes from the Cobalt Blue line are Cobalt 60 Gamma Irradiated and validated to SAL (Sterility Assurance Level) of 10-6 in accordance with the standards and recommended practices of the ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11137:2006 guidelines. The wipes meet and exceed requirements set forth by USP797 and USP800. Materials include non-woven, polypropylene, polyester and cotton.

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